Your bathroom remodel: Maximizing space on a budget!

Everyone wants to have the spa feeling inside his or her bathroom, but most of us live in the real world and not at the spa. So, before you do anything, start your bathroom remodel off with a plan and end goal, this will help you keep within the budget you have created for your space as well as setting the correct expectations. Keep in mind that no budget is too small to spruce a place up.

Save on your bathroom remodel

What better way to update your space than with new fixtures? This can be as simple as a new towel rack or shower curtain (both, pretty inexpensive, yet high impact, items). If your space is small and you are limited with storage, then replace the towel rack or add a second one behind the door. Need more visible storage? Add shelves above the towel racks, creating a seamless yet modern design.

The perks of updating fixtures allow you to customize your space and bathroom design, without entirely replacing your vanity and shower. By simply swapping out grandma’s pink-coated sink from the 70s and investing in a brand new Artisan stainless steel sink (available at CSD for an AWESOME price) creates customization and function, not to mention this can help with resale!

Have more cash in your budget? Let’s make it easy with cabinets that have under-mount storage or maybe new granite countertops. Burgundy maple, cinnamon maple, and shaker maple, all sound like my next latte order, not a cabinet color I would know off the bat. This makes choosing cabinets a little overwhelming. Take your time, and visit a showroom to know for sure. Replacing your countertops with granite isn’t a budget-breaker, like people may think. In fact, many bargain shoppers prefer it for resale and overall appearance, not to mention it’s easier to clean and lasts a lifetime longer than bargain options.

Making the most out of your already existing cabinet space is an easy way to go. First, whatever space is not being used effectively, typically the corners and the space above them, try adding in another shelf. You can utilize the inside of the cabinet door with hooks or baskets to store hair or cleaning supplies, making them more accessible and easy to grab. Store-bought inserts can help keep your stuff organized while containing a lot. Still need more storage? Think about squeezing the most out of your space by purchasing cabinets for over the toilet.

We’re ready when you are; stop down Cabinetry & Stone Depot when you want a high quality remodel for a price that fits any budget!