What To Look For When Choosing Your Cabinets

With nearly 7.6 million homeowners remodeling their kitchens this year, the heart of the home brings about plenty of attention. New cabinets can convert a dated, inefficient kitchen into a functional, organized, multi tasking space. You need to get smart about your choices!

Choose the right look. Light-colored woods, oak and maple make your kitchen seem brighter and larger. Darker woods like cherry and mahogany create a more dramatic, furniture-like effect. To give the cabinets less visual heft, most manufacturers offer turned leg pieces that mimic the look of furniture. Door trim kits for appliances can help tie a kitchen together visually, but check with the manufacturer first for compatibility.

You also want to make sure you are getting high quality options. If you’ll live in the home for a short time, you can select a basic style of cabinets. But if this is going to be your “dream kitchen” or bath, you should look for top-quality construction. Cabinets should have solid frames, door and drawer fronts, reinforced corners and closed backs. Drawers and doors of cabinets will be opened and closed many times a day and should operate smoothly and quietly. The finish on the wood should be smooth.

While thinking about the look and quality you desire, you don’t want to forget about your storage options. Today’s cabinets include user-friendly options such as full extension roll-out shelves so you won’t scrape your knuckles as you reach for items buried deep in back. Large drawers in base cabinets can hold pots, pans, and dry goods; they’re as popular as pull-out recycling bins. Built-in open-storage systems like wine racks and china displays look sharp even when empty.

Look in magazines and stores to find what look you like, and choose a style that blends well with the architecture of your home as well as the interior design of the other rooms. You can choose a line that has it’s own unique style and stain that works perfect for you!