Updates for your perfect summer kitchen

It’s that time of year again, summer is officially upon us. The days are long and – hopefully – warm, flowers are blooming, birds are singing and all that jazz. But are you finding yourself unable to truly get in to the spirit of summer? Is your kitchen holding you back?

We all know by now that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so how can you be expected to enjoy the hot, breezy summer, if your kitchen is dark, lifeless, or still designed to offer the warmth and comfort needed to get through the cold winter months? We’ve got some advice to offer if you’re having trouble finding the perfect summer look for your kitchen.

1. Brighten your kitchen up

One of the simplest, yet most effective ways of updating your kitchen for summer is to brighten the room up. No, this doesn’t mean you have to paint all your walls white, but it does give you an opportunity to get creative. Introducing more mirrors into your kitchen can instantly brighten up the entire room, making it seem lighter and bigger. Scattering pastel colors throughout the room really gives it a summer vibe; a great idea is to buy small items like mugs or cutlery in pastel shades, or paint individual pieces of furniture in these same pastel colors, which will have an impact on the entire room.

2. Bring the outside inside

As beautiful as it may look, not everyone can have huge patio windows overlooking a perfectly landscaped garden. There are, however, simpler ways anyone can give their kitchen more of a natural feel, which can really bring summer style to the room. Making sure you have plants or flowers in your kitchen is a must for summer – a great plant that grows well in kitchen environments is Aloe Vera. If your window overlooks your garden, be sure to make this a focal point of the room, keeping it uncovered and making sure the area around it is de-cluttered. Adding touches of nature to the items in your kitchen can go a long way; buying tea towels with floral motifs or up-cycling old plant pots into containers for your utensils are great ideas to get you started.

3. Set the summer mood

A great way to get your perfect summer kitchen if you don’t want any of the hassle of redecorating is to work on setting a perfect summer mood. If you often have a lot of clutter on your counter tops, try clearing it all away for a more minimal look, as this will make your kitchen seem brighter and larger, a perfect fit for summer. You can also experiment with different lights to create a cosier atmosphere; instead of using the main light in your kitchen, fill mason jars with battery powered fairy lights and place them throughout your kitchen, giving off a warm glow like fireflies on a summer evening.

Hopefully these three ideas can spark your own creativity and help you achieve your perfect summer kitchen.