Trends in Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling adds a refreshing change to your home. As the weather gets warmer, take advantage of the opportunity for a home makeover. Whether you’re updating an old, drab kitchen or want to replace a few countertops, check out these current trends to help you decide the end result of your remodeling project.

Popular Woods and Granite for Kitchen Remodeling


Kitchen remodeling doesn’t need to be complicated. A simple kitchen in light colors and patterns is a popular choice for its versatility. Light finishes echo the mood of summer and brighten a space during the dark, wintry months. Woods like maple or our “Sunset Beach” finish are perfect cabinet choices to brighten your kitchen. This clean look can work for any style of home whether you aspire to have the perfect rustic kitchen, or prefer a sharp, modern look. Light cabinetry is easy to combine with other pops of color to reflect the current season, making decorating easy for any time of the year. When choosing wood for your cabinets, we recommend visiting a showroom. Online shopping might be tempting, but nothing beats seeing the materials in person to help make your decision.

When choosing granite for your kitchen, pay close attention to detail. Bring color samples of the cabinet finish, wall paint, flooring, and kitchen appliances to the showroom. Place them in different spots throughout the display kitchen. This can help determine what pieces will work with your space. You may find your ideas may look differently than what you’d originally imagined. Natural granite can make a beautiful statement in your kitchen. Make sure you select the right color to suit your home.

Granite countertops add value to your home, but this value can’t be fully appreciated if displayed in the wrong lighting. Certain colors will look better under different lights. Selective lighting will suit a kitchen with white or gold tones, while brighter lighting will offset the dark tones of deep blue or mahogany. Make the best out of remodeling your home. Kitchen trends change with time, but designing a perfect, balanced space is timeless.