Tips For Maintaining Your New Cabinets

It’s a strange thing how the relatively small change of updating to newer cabinets can completely transform your kitchen, leaving it looking invigorated and updated.

It is no surprise that you want this look to last as long as possible, which is why it is important that you maintain and clean your cabinets properly.

So count yourself lucky that we here at Cabinetry and Stone Depot Wilkes Barre have gathered our favorite tips for maintaining your cabinets for as long as possible.

Regular maintenance

If you want to keep your cabinets looking fresh and new for as long as possible, then make a habit of lightly cleaning them as regularly as you can, preferably at least once a month. You’ll find that if your kitchen is busy and in constant use you will need to clean your cabinets more frequently as a result.

When it comes to the handles and knobs, it is better to unscrew these and wash them separately. Not only do these often need more vigorous cleaning as they are handled most often, but it will also ensure you can reach and clean every part of your cabinet doors.

Soap and water

Sometimes the best methods also happen to be the simplest. Simply wiping your cabinets down a few times with a cloth soaked in a mix of water and non-abrasive dish soapthen wipe off any excess moisture with a dry cloth or towel.

With cabinets that have a wooden finish, make sure you clean with the direction of the grain.

If your cabinets are starting to look like they might need a deeper clean, you can also detach the doors and leave them to soak in a solution of water and dish soap for a out 10 – 15 minutes before drying the m off and putting them back up.


It’s no exaggeration to say that vinegar is something of a superhero when it comes to cleaning your home. From windows to fridges, there’s almost no limit to what vinegar can clean, including your new cabinets.

Simply make a mixture of equal parts warm water and white vinegar, and use this to clean your cabinets and leave them looking as good as new.

You can always spice up the water with a dash of scented oil if you find the vinegar smell overwhelming – though don’t worry, the smell dissipates as the solution dries off the cabinets.


Not all cleaning products will work wonders with your cabinets. Be sure to steer clear from abrasive cleaning products like steel wool, scoring pads and such as they may scratch your cabinets.

Also steer clear of cleaning products with bleach or ammonia in them as this may damage the finish on your cabinets, which is the last thing you want to happen when you are cleaning them.

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