Things Your Kitchen Doesn’t Need

Making your kitchen space simplistic doesn’t mean you have to stop cooking. Actually, a less cluttered area can help you make amazing meals time after time, with less worry about a mess. If you’re thinking of a minimalist kitchen remodel, make sure to start by removing these items from your kitchen first.

16 Tools You Don’t Need

Crock Pot
Crock Pots are large, bulky and it is rarely used. Most people only use their crock pot once a year anyways. Use a regular pot instead. Do a little extra work and save a lot of space in your kitchen cabinets.

Knife Block
Knife blocks look cool, but they are bulky and unnecessary. Just keep your knives in a drawer.

Bread Maker
A huge tool, that takes up a large amount of space. How often do you make bread anyways?

Toaster Oven
You most likely have a traditional oven and a toaster, so why do you need a toaster oven? Let it go and use the other tools you have.

A Wok
A wok can be fun to use, but it’s too large and used to rarely to make sense to keep. Use your largest pan instead.

A Juicer
Juicers are big and a pain to clean. There are many ways to juice without a juicer.  Get rid of this from your kitchen countertop before new granite countertops are installed.

Espresso Machine
You probably don’t use this as much as you thought you would when you bought it. Also, to make a great espresso you need lots of time and high quality equipment that you probably don’t have. Best to get rid of it and buy an espresso every once in awhile. This isn’t for your average java freak.

Grilled Cheese Maker
Haha, use a pan. Grilled cheese maker? First world problems.

Rice Maker
Unless you make a huge amount of rice on a daily basis, you don’t need this. Just make rice in a pot like a normal person.

If you’re thinking of taking on a minimalist kitchen cabinet remodel, before you call a professional make sure to remove these items from your kitchen. The most experienced contractor can make your kitchen beautiful, but unneeded items will just produce unwanted clutter and negate any improvements made.


Posted by Positive Results Marketing