Preparing Your Kitchen For The Holidays

Unless you live under a rock you’re sure to have noticed that it is that special time of year again. Yes, the holidays are coming, and with them come all of the big meals, parties and mince pie baking that we all know and love – not to mention impromptu visits that mean you have to be prepared to entertain at little or no notice.

This is why it is important that you know your kitchen is ready for all the wonderful chaos that lies ahead. We at Cabinetry and Stone Depot know the holidays can be stressful enough for most of us, so here’s our top tips for prepping your kitchen for the holidays:

De-clutter and clean

In the run up to Christmas, do a good deep clean on the kitchen and get rid of any unwanted clutter. Clear some space on the countertops by getting rid of any unwanted cooking supplies and clearing away any appliances you won’t need. Be honest, are you really going to use your spiralizer before Boxing Day?

Also make sure you clean out the fridge and cupboards to make sure you have space for all the holiday food and leftovers!

Check the oven

One of the worst things that could happen on Christmas Day is finding the oven isn’t working just as you are about to start cooking. To avoid this nightmare, make sure you check that all the big appliances like the oven, the fridge and even the microwave are in full working order, and have any necessary repairs completed well before the Christmas break.

Build up supplies gradually

Nobody wants to spend crucial time on Christmas Eve running around grocery stores trying to find all the food and drink your loved ones will be consuming over the next week. To save time and stress, gradually build up your supplies in the days and weeks leading up to the holidays, picking up two or three extra items each time you go to the store.

This is also a great chance to take advantage of any special offers that run throughout December on the staple ingredients of Christmas dinner.

Don’t forget to decorate!

The kitchen has long been known as the heart of home, so it’s important that it gets as much into the Christmas spirit as any other room in your home. Add fairy lights to any frames or mirrors that you have in your kitchen to give the room a warm festive glow. Additionally, placing small extras in the room like Christmas themed cutlery or festive tea towels are small touches that have a big impact on the overall feeling of the room.

To take the festive feelings up a notch, stock up on cinnamon and nutmeg and cloves so that your kitchen looks and smells like the season.

Remember, if you’re looking for quality cabinets, vanities, granite countertops or sinks over this festive period, then visit Cabinetry and Stone Depot, Wilkes Barre now!