Preparing Your Bathroom For Overnight Guests

We all know the feeling well: you’re expecting company soon, and you are in the midst of a cleaning frenzy, rushing around the house trying to get everything neat and ready. It’s stressful, it makes you feel frazzled and overwhelmed. It’s the opposite of how you want to feel when you have company coming; you want to be calm, relaxed and inviting, to completely put your guests at ease.

If your guests are staying overnight, then you need to make sure everything is ready for the duration of their stay as well, adding even more issues to the top of your to do list.

To help you stay prepared and in control, we’ve compiled a list of top tips for preparing your bathroom when you’ve got overnight guests coming.


Make sure it’s clean

Though this may seem obvious enough to go without saying, it is vital your bathroom is completely clean before your guests need it. It’s something you’d expect when staying away from home, so it is something you should want to provide as well.

Even if your bathroom has recently been deep cleaned, make sure you give the room the once over and ensure it is fresh and dust free. This is also a great chance to de-clutter your bathroom, throw out those mostly empty bottles of shampoo and shower gel you’re never going to use and make sure the bin has been emptied.


Restock basic supplies

Whilst a guest is in your home, they shouldn’t have to want for any of the bathroom basics. Before your guests arrive, make sure your bathroom has been restocked with new shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. This makes sure your guest has everything they need to freshen up when they want, without having to worry about using the last of your supplies.

If you are lucky enough to have a guest bathroom, then consider purchasing several of the smaller travel versions of these items, to give the bathroom a sleek hotel and spa vibe.


Repair or replace

Having a guest coming to stay is a great opportunity to check if there have been any minor repairs or replacements that your bathroom needs that you haven’t noticed before. If the shower curtain is starting to look tatty and tired, then give it a wash or replace it with a new one.


Add a few special touches

To really go the extra mile for your guests, consider adding some extras that could really add to your guests’ enjoyment of their stay. Provide bath bombs, organic soap and sea sponges so your guest can have a relaxing, indulgent soak, which will be especially appreciated if they’ve had to travel a long distance to reach your home. These nice extras give your bathroom a high end, luxurios feel.


Sweet scents

Lastly, to give your bathroom a fresh touch, consider adding a bowl of pot pourri. This will ensure that your bathroom smells as fresh as it looks when your guests first walk in, and is a small touch that really shows care and consideration.