Merits and Demerits of Granite Countertop

Granite countertop is famous along the line of home owners and interior designers. These have an essential beauty and style. These have a resistance for damage and enduring quality. These are the popular choice for kitchens as well as in bathrooms. Since these were rare and hard to cut these were very expensive. But with new machinery and technologies the prices of granite have come down. These have natural strength and longer durability. The granite is seen with more than 2000 varieties with different color and pattern. Proper care of granite should be taken even though they have natural strength. If not you will find cracks and stains on granite very soon. Marble is also seen for countertops but granite has more advantages than marble countertops. These are more popular because it enhances the room and go in with any kind of design.

Installing granite for countertops is not as difficult as installing other stones. But you need to be very careful while installing. Measurement of countertop plays an important role during installing. If the measurement is not taken properly then you will find a seam which will reflect on color and pattern of granite. There is a chance of getting cracks if you don’t establish the granite on your kitchen countertop. These can be easily removed and installed on the countertops. These have a resistance power of stain and heat because this granite is comprised of heat. Granite countertops contain more merits like long lasting and durability. These provide and excellent service efficient to the homeowners. This granite has both merit and demerits for installing on countertops.

Merits of Granite countertop:

These are the most preferred countertop for household. These are being used from millions of years with a hard and impervious surface. These are very strong which cannot damage the granite by setting hot stuff and dropping items on it. But these are not recommended because there is a risk of damaging the surface. These are cost effective and it retains the value. These are available in thousands of shades and patterns which will add a class to the home. You can dough for baking cake on the surface which is really very cool. You will find that all granite has unique properties and the color of granite will never fade. These are known as durable stone which doesn’t easily crack up or get scratch. These have a quality of resisting stain and heat. These can compliment your kitchen with any style of wooden cabinets.

Demerits of Granite countertops:

You will find only few disadvantages for granite countertops. First is the tiny seam which can be formed during the installation time. So installing of granite is an important thing. The pattern and color of granite can differ if again not properly installed. Since these are one of the strongest stone these are also heavy.