What Will Kitchen Remodels Look Like in 2016?

Many home improvement experts are calling 2016 the year of the kitchen remodel. With all the new technology available, and tastes evolving more so than in the past few years, updating your kitchen is certainly a great way to keep your home modern and up to date. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can improve your kitchen this year!

Kitchen Remodels for 2016

Multi Purpose Kitchens

Many people recently surveyed say they spend 3 hours or more in their kitchens. They cook, bake, eat and even socialize there.


Bigger Layout

Many kitchen remodels include a bigger space or different layout. Open concept floor plans usually begin with the kitchen.


Style Change

When beginning your project, it really is the best time to change the style of your kitchen. So ditch the gaudy cabinets and go for a cleaner, more contemporary look.



Speaking of cabinets, replacing cabinets can change the whole look of your kitchen. Going from boring, standard cabinets to something a bit nicer is a game changer for your next project.


Timeless Naturals

Since most homeowners change their kitchen every 16 years, going for a timeless, natural wall color like a beige or gray is the way to go. Neutral cabinet colors and a clean, simple choice of granite countertop is always a smart choice.


Durable Counters

Your counters really take the brunt of everything in your kitchen, especially if you cook often. Many people opt for a durable, natural stone countertop like granite.


Specialty Storage

With so many different tricks to hide storage within your cabinets, this seems to be very popular this year. Make a small space work for you by consulting with you licensed contractor to add additional storage within cabinets, counters and drawers for a truly unique kitchen, that provides functionality and looks great!
As you can see, when it comes to your kitchen, investing in a remodel can transform your entire home. Especially if you live in an older home, you should consider these options for a kitchen remodel in 2016. Bring your kitchen up to date and surely your guests will be amazed!