Is it Time for a New Countertop? How to Know

For some people, renovations are a time of excitement and renewal, like getting a fresh haircut or a new wardrobe. But for others, the thought of renovation simply brings an unpleasant headache. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Your perfect kitchen won’t be perfect forever, with the wear and tear of daily use, and changes in style, your kitchen will eventually need sprucing.

There are many different countertop materials. The most popular are granite and quartz, both of which are sealed by a resin solution. While each material brings different benefits and its own unique look, different materials also wear differently and require different maintenance. In light of this, there are some common ways to tell if you need a new countertop.

  • Your countertop is cracking or eroding

Over time, the everyday use of your countertops will slowly damage them. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable. Though most countertops are made from hard, natural materials, no countertop is indestructible. Certain materials can crack under extreme heat. Water can cause internal damage. Some materials are prone to stains. This isn’t to say a hot plate or a spilled cup will ruin your countertop, but extreme heat, and a leaky sink might.

  • Your countertop is structurally damaged

Accidents happen in every home. As said before, countertops are not indestructible. They can be chipped, cracked, smashed, or damaged in any number of ways. You may be willing to look the other way at an unsightly crack in your countertop, but as with any structure, some damages can essentially ruin the whole counter. A small damage can easily become a big problem.

  • Your countertop has stains or burn marks

Depending on the material used for your countertops, stains and burn marks can happen.  Though most counters are sealed with resin to prevent this, porous countertops, such as granite, if not sealed properly can absorb spills. So a tipped glass of red wine will potentially leave a permanent mark.

  • The style of your countertop is outdated

Whether you’re buying an older house, or it’s been a while since you’ve updated your look, new countertops can make an old space look brand new. It may not be necessary to gut your entire kitchen when a new countertop can make an instant transformation.

  • You want to increase the resale value of your home

Selling a house can be a huge hassle. You want to make sure that you get what your house is worth. You want to stand out and be appealing in the housing market. Old or outdated countertops can drastically diminish the value of your home and slow buyer traffic. An updated kitchen is one of the most desirable traits for a potential buyer.