Information on different kitchen cabinets

Deciding The Perfect Cabinets For Your Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets are a must have item for any kitchen as they serve as the kitchen’s storage unit. Because not all kitchens are the same, which means that not all storage units can be used in every kitchen. Here are the different types of  kitchen cabinets that you should consider when choosing the cabinets for your kitchen:

  • Base: A base kitchen cabinet is one of the most standard cabinets there are so, if you’re not sure what type of kitchen you have these cabinets would be ideal, They are 24 inches deep as well as 36 inches high so they fit along any wall that is within normal length and width. The depth can be increased up to 27 inches to leave room for more depth. They also leave enough room to have semi-custom and custom applications. They do not even have to be installed in the traditional sense. You can sit base cabinets on top of a four-inch recessed riser that is known as a toe kick.
  • Wall: If you have a long kitchen and want more of the wall to show then you want to invest in upper cabinetry. This can cause the cabinets to appear fancier and add a new classy look to the kitchen. They do not hold a lot of storage and serve more of a cosmetic purpose. Although they are initially 12 inches deep, they can be increased to 17 inches when doing a custom application or a semi-custom application.
  • Tall: Tall kitchen cabinets are usually the biggest storage unit in the house. They are typically 85.3 inches in height. They are mostly used as pantries for storing food or cleaning supplies such as disinfectant and brooms.
  • Specialty units: Specialty units are great for getting the most out of storage space. They can be corner cabinets, suspended units, or serve as bottle racks.

No matter your cabinet needs are, there is always a kitchen cabinet from Cabinetry Stone Depot that will work for you.