How To Give Your Kitchen A Spring Fresh Look

You may have noticed that the days are getting longer and the weather is getting that little bit warmer, and that can only mean one thing: Spring is here!

Yes, the long, dark nights of winter are behind us now, and it is time to look forward to warmer times.

So, now that it is spring outside, you’ll want it to look and feel like spring inside as well. To get you thinking along the right lines, below are some hints and tips to keep your kitchen feeling spring clean this season:

Do a deep spring clean

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first, as clichéd as it seems, giving your kitchen a good, deep clean is a great way to make it feel rejuvenated without having to make any big changes.

Make sure you don’t just do a quick clean, but get really stuck in to your kitchen. Clean the bits you wouldn’t normally get to, like behind the oven or on top of the cupboards.

Clear some space

In the cold winter months, it can be comforting to have your kitchen feel full to overflowing with supplies. As spring progresses, however, a good clear out may well be in order.

To start with, pack away any utensils or appliances that you tend to only use in winter to free up space on your countertops. Also clear your pantry and fridge of any expired food or ingredients for winter dishes you didn’t end up making.

The clean spaces you make in your kitchen will give it a fresh look and feel that is perfectly matched with the season.

Embrace some nature

Spring is a wonderfully visual season, as blossoms appear on the trees and flowers begin to bloom, bringing with them color and vibrancy. A great way to bring this sense of vitality into your kitchen is by placing plants throughout your kitchen. The greenery you add will be a great reflection of the life happening outside.

A nice idea is to bring some herb plants like basil or mint into your kitchen, as they not only look and smell great, they can also serve a purpose by giving your food some added flavor.

Strip your kitchen down

In the cold months of fall and winter, many of us crave comfort, and that means lots of fabrics. Spring usually calls for a more stripped down look.

So, clear your kitchen of any heavy fabrics. For example, remove tablecloths and just leave the bare table with a simple setting. Also, pack the tea towels into the cupboard and only leave one out in the open (this also ensures people don’t get several dirty at once!)

Let there be light

Now that there will (hopefully) be more sunlight in your life, you’ll want to take as much advantage of this light as you possibly can. If you haven’t already, put up some mirrors in your kitchen, as this will make it seem a lot brighter, perfect for spring!