Five Ways To Use Granite Beyond Your Kitchen

When a material becomes so popular for one specific purpose, it can be an easy trap to fall into to think of that material only for that purpose. Take, for instance, granite. Now, granite is a hugely versatile stone that can be used in practically any room in your house, but people rarely seem to consider using it for any other purpose than as a kitchen countertop.

We at Cabinetry and Stone Depot think this is a real shame, so we’ve put together some ideas for how you can use granite outside your kitchen.


Use Granite in your bathroom

Moving first from the kitchen into the bathroom, granite is great for use in bathrooms because it is so tough and resistant to water, mold and bacteria. Granite is a great material to use for your bathroom vanity and the sophisticated finish can help give your bathroom a chic, minimalist look. Alternatively, you can use granite as a basin in your bathroom, cut to any shape that suits your room best. Having the sink or basin made of granite in your bathroom can really give it that wow factor.


Use Granite in your living room

In your living room, a great way to turn your fireplace into a real focal point is to use granite for the surround or mantle. Granite is excellently suited for a fireplace because it is so tough and heat resistant, and comes in a wide enough range of colors to suit any style of living room.


Use granite in your study

If, like many people these days, you often have to work from home and have a dedicated study, then you have another perfect location where adding some granite can have a real impact. Placing a granite desk in your study will really give it a stylish look, and make you feel like a high flying executive every time you sit down to reply to some emails.


Use granite outdoors

Stepping out of your kitchen, if you are lucky enough to have an outdoor barbeque or dining area, then you have another perfect opportunity to introduce more granite to your home. Granite’s heat resistant and weather resistant properties make it worry free for outdoor use, and if you already have granite counter tops in your kitchen, then it’s a great way to add continuity from inside your home to outside.


Use granite as decoration

Granite medallions, which are mosaic tiles made of granite, come in all shapes and sizes and in any pattern you could think of. These medallions can look amazing tiled on your floor, particularly if you have a large hall, or on the walls in your bathroom, and are ideal for making a statement or adding a thematic touch to your home.


These were just some of the ways you can use granite throughout your entire house, but this list is by no means exhaustive. So, hopefully this has got your creative juices flowing, and you see how you can use granite in any room in your home – not just the kitchen!