Bringing The Beauty Of Fall Inside

Now that the nights are drawing in earlier and earlier and it’s getting colder and colder, it is undeniable that fall is upon us, bringing with it all the beauty of the season.

But it can be hard to get into the spirit of fall if your home isn’t matching the season. A house that you made light, airy and breezy for the summer can easily start to feel cold and bare in fall.

So, here are our top tips for bringing the beauty of fall into your home:

Play with textures and layers

Just as you need to begin layering up to brave the cold outdoors, you can also layer up in your home to capture that snug and comfy fall feeling.

Bring in fabrics like faux fur, wool and fleece to add an autumn atmosphere. Build up different layers of textures using throws, blankets, runners, cushions and rugs to make your home feel warm and inviting.

Candles, and lots of them

Another great way to instantly give your home the warm and cozy feelings of fall is to cover the house in candles.  The soft, warm light of candles makes your home feel warm and inviting, and the subdued lighting perfectly mirrors the feelings of fall, where the nights are getting longer and coming in earlier.

Go one step further by lighting candles with suitably seasonal scents, such as bonfire or cinnamon, to permeate your whole house with the smell of fall.

Go moody with your lighting

If you don’t feel like buying and lighting candles every day throughout fall, a great way to mimic the subdued lighting effects candles give is to get moody with the lights that are already in your house. Buy some new, large lampshades and gentler, dimmer bulbs to give your house a warm, inviting glow, perfectly inviting when it is getting cold outside.

Accentuate fall colors

To give your indoors some continuity with the outdoors during the autumn months, consider adding touches of fall color to your home. While we are by no means suggesting you paint your living room pumpkin orange just for fall, adding small touches of reds, browns and oranges throughout your home is a little touch that can have a big impact. Think about adding candles, cushions, cups or decorative pieces that match the colors you’re seeing outside.

Get in touch with nature

If you want to bring fall into your home in a more literal way, then it is time to get creative. Go for a walk with your family and collect pine cones, twigs, leaves and anything else that catches your eye. Then, once you’ve made sure these supplies are pest free, use them to create unique center pieces and decorations that will well and truly add a touch of fall to your home.

But you don’t have to make everything, adding decorations to your home that have a brass or natural wood finish can also give the natural look that works so well with a fall aesthetic.