5 Ways to Style Your New Kitchen

So, you finally decided to redo your kitchen and now you’re left wondering, “How am I going to make this come together?” Sure, picking out the granite countertops and cabinets from your friends at CSD was a breeze, but now you actually have to decorate the space? Not your forte. Luckily, we’re going to share with you some pretty amazing ways to style up your new kitchen.

Your new kitchen in Scranton: 5 Must-try Styles

  1. Rustic

When you think of rustic, it’s hard not to imagine cooking in a warm and inviting space. Achieving this look is more of a play on colors and choice of wood than anything. Rich wooden kitchen cabinets, like our Coffee Maple design, bring the room together. Go with reds, browns and greens for your color scheme. Even adding a brick backsplash can amp up this look.


  1. Modern

The modern home remodeling project is all about the latest and greatest on the market, kitchen space included. While stainless steel isn’t always a must for other styles, it is the only way to go modern. You want to focus on geometric consistency and a very minimal design. Try adding in a sleek tile backsplash if you crave an extra pop.


  1. Country

The old country kitchen vibe brings you back to a bright and exciting place. There are a variety of country styles, like a farmhouse or even French country, but they all steer toward the same design. Choosing cream or white hardwoods, like our Sunset Beach cabinets, go perfect with this style. You’ll want to go with a lot of natural lighting (big windows), neutral colors, and maybe bring in a ceramic rooster or two!


  1. Mix N’ Match

Can’t decide if you love modern or traditional? Why not have both? Mixing in the modern look of stainless steel appliances with style like country or rustic makes for one custom, beautiful home. Try displaying your personal items in glass-front cabinets and playing with contrasting color combinations, like dark cabinets and light granite countertops.


  1. Industrial

This style is pretty cool. It’s all about creativity and playing with exposed pipes and beams and retro additions, all while somehow looking pretty modern. Industrial kitchens are almost like a mixture of everything at once. One popular home addition is lights. Using exposed wires and bulbs, maybe a rusty metal shade or a work lamp, somehow looks way better than it sounds. Mix and match your breakfast bar stools or kitchen table chairs with something old and something new (and maybe something you found at a flea market). Metal is a huge factor, so stainless steel fits seamlessly.