Important steps when choosing cabinets

3 of the most important steps when choosing cabinets for your kitchen

First of all, congratulations on your new kitchen! It must be very exciting for you. Imagine all of the dinners you’ll be preparing in it, every breakfast you’ll be able to fix before going to work, and the wine you’ll be able to have on the counter after having a long day! But hold on a minute, before going forward there’s a piece of furniture you will need to think long and hard about, as it will represent more than 40% of your budget.  Relax, don’t panic, I shouldn’t have put it out there like that. So, let’s try to figure this out together. Pick that wine glass back up, have a sip and look at your future kitchen, while you consider the following.

  1. How much are you looking to spend: There’s a wide range of costs for cabinets, this means that the first thing you’ll need to do is get that measuring tape out and measure away! Now, consider that the stock cabinets, will probably need to be put together, and the styles and sizes to choose from will not be plentiful. The semi-custom cabinets will be more expensive, but they will fit your kitchen like a glove, plus you’ll definitely have more options. Finally, the custom kitchen cabinets, will not only be perfect for your kitchen but they will suit all your ambitions and desires.
  2. How do you want to jazz it: Your style is your style, and this part is the most fun because this is where your creativity will have a say. You need to choose between framed or frameless, the former consist of a face frame and a box, while the latter eliminate the face frame, these are often referred to as European cabinets. So, do you see yourself having croissants in front of the Seine or bagels in Central Park? Personally, I love both!
  3. What’s your cooking style: Yes, I know, another tough question but think about it, and think about it hard because your going to have to choose the features of your new kitchen cabinets, you may want a pull out trash can or a lazy Susan, it all depends on how many electronic devices you have etc…

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