3 Easy Kitchen Halloween Decorations

Are you still hesitant on that much-delayed kitchen remodeling? Perhaps it is time to take a step forward and just do it. I bet that you’re already imagining how you will be putting things together. Like where those wine glasses will go once you’ve installed those gorgeous new cabinets, or which corner to put the Lazy Susan in that will finally take care of those annoying cooking problems you’ve been dealing with, or maybe how will you be cooking that famous dinner for your friends now that you’ll be getting all new kitchen appliances. So, just to push your buttons a little further, I bring you 3 of the most amazing Halloween decorations for your kitchen.

  1. Jack-o-lanterns-on-the-shelves: Imagine those brand new shelves with stylish jack-o-lanterns and gourds, of diverse colors and shapes. You can either choose to put a little candle in them for a stylish and elegant ambiance, paint them, or you can simply leave them as-is, just arrange them in a way that creates a colorful and festive look for the season.
  2. Creepy kitchen accents: Once those cabinets are installed, think of what you will be adding on their knobs. I’m thinking festive kitchen towels of all sorts and colors. Or how about those spider webs that the kids enjoy so much? You could even go as far as to swap out your typical everyday plates and bowls with festive Halloween or fall themed dishes! Be sure to pick colors that will accent your  granite countertops beautifully!
  3. The perfect coup de grace: Still not convinced about moving forward with that kitchen remodeling? Even after those 2 great ideas? Okay, then lets try my personal favorite: arranging beautiful fall themed centerpieces for my tables and countertops. Picture a tablecloth with black and white stripes; now, visualize a whole set of small pumpkins painted white and with one letter on them, which, put together, spells, “Spooky” or “Halloween”! Imagine all that complimented by an arrangement of various tall candles to really set the mood. It will create an elegant ambience for your kitchen and at the same time you will get a fun center for your table that will scream stylish!

So, here they were, these three inspirational ideas for your remodeled kitchen. So, delay no more and call your trustee kitchen expert and just do it already!